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MyRetha started this conversation

I am 31 years old and a single parent of one. My son is concidered a strong willed teenager,he's 16 years old. For most of his life it's been just him and myself. His father has never been in his life so i'm all he has. Here in the last few years I realized that I needed to make some positive changes in my life so I started college. I chose to persue a degree in accounting because I have always been excited by numbers. I started in August 2004 and did very well, by the end of the semester I had obtained a grade point average of 3.50. I was ready for another semester when I lost my home. I still attempted school but unsuccessfully. I ended that semester with a 1.75 and lost my financial aid. Which brings me to where I am now in desperate need of some assistance with funding. I need help paying for one semester of classes so that I may be eligible for financial aid again. If there is anyone out there with the resourses to help me please contact me at mapenou@ or leave a message  here. Thank You to all that show intrest in my story

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